Waste Production in the UK

Waste Production 3

The UK on average was estimated to have generated 43.9 million tonnes of waste in 2018. The average person in the UK produces around 400kg of waste each year. This accounts for an average of 26million tonnes of commercial waste. 12million tonnes of this is recycled, while 14 million tonnes are sent to landfill sites. This is 57% of waste generated in the UK. Each year 6.7 million tonnes of food is wasted each year.

Why do we produce so much waste?

Households are the biggest source of food waste produced in the UK. Whilst construction and demolition create 136 million tonnes of waste per year. Supermarkets throw away the equal to 190 million meals per year. This is because they order too many products that will not sell. Restaurants also do this.

We produce as much waste as we do because it is easier for most people to not put in the effort of reducing waste.

Waste Production

Why do we reduce waste?

We reduce the amount of waste we create because it is important for the environment. Not only that it also limits the amount of waste going to landfills. This is important because landfill capacity in the UK is diminishing. We can also save money and preserve natural resources.

Waste Production 2

How can we reduce our production of waste?

Firstly, what is waste reduction? Waste reduction is anything that reduces waste by using fewer materials. There are many ways to reduce waste. Whether your waste is recyclable or whether it is preventing waste.

For example:

By using reusable bottles, you can save money by not having to buy more expensive drinks. It will also prevent the use of one-time-use containers. While most cans and bottles can be recycled, it requires a lot of energy to produce them.

Purchasing products that come with less packaging and/or have recyclable packaging.

You can also compost to remove up to 25% of your waste. Things such as fruit and vegetable scraps etc. can be composted in your garden. But, this method requires more effort.

Donating used goods and buying second-hand items. Doing this before buying something new is something to consider. Buying second-hand can save lots of money. You will also stop items from ending up in a landfill.

Are you looking to dispose of your waste?

There are several recycling centres in York. However, if you would like your waste taken for recycling without hassle, then click here to see how we can help you. We aim to recycle 99 - 100% of waste.

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