6 Reasons Why People Should Recycle

Recycling Saves Fuel and Energy

Using recycled materials helps to protect the environment. Reserving resources and reducing pollution. Because extracting, refining and transporting raw materials uses a lot of energy.

Metals, for example, are easy to recycle in comparison to producing new ones. The mining of ore and production of metal uses large amounts of fuel. Whereas, something like Aluminium can be cleaned and remelted with a 94% energy saving.

Even remelting glass can see a 10 to 15% energy saving. Because the high temperatures and energy-use involved in melting sand far outweigh recycling.


Recycling Reduces Landfill Waste

Over 25% of the UK’s methane emissions are the result of its 1500+ landfill sites. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas which is harmful to the environment. Creating products from recycled materials reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill.


Recycling Preserves Resources and Protects Wildlife

Climate change due to global warming impacts wildlife. Recycling can help in many ways. Lowering greenhouse gases, for example, helps to preserve their habitats.

Recycling rubbish reduces the amount of litter and helps to keep it out of our environment. Litter can affect sea life and land animals. Whether it is mistaken for food or becomes a trap which can cause death or injury.


Recycling is Good for the Economy.

Goods made from recycled materials use less water and less energy. Creating less pollution. Reusing and purchasing recycled items creates interest for more. And more recycling means less need for importation which also saves on money and fuels.


Recycling Helps Reduce Climate Issues

Reducing carbon emissions lowers the number of greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses are reduced by lowering the amount of waste sent to landfill. The link between recycling and improving climate change is becoming globally recognised.


Recycling Reduces Water Contamination

Recycling reduces the need for mining and drilling. Both of which contaminate the air and water. Products made from reused materials create less water contamination.


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