How can I dispose or recycle my old computer in York?

Disposing of your old computer or laptop may be more difficult than you would like. Due to this, we have created this article to make getting rid of your computer, laptop or phone as easy as possible. This article will discuss what you should do before you throw away your computer. How you can dispose of your computer if you can take it to the tip and where you can go to dispose of your computer.

What should I do with my computer before I throw it away?

Before you throw away your computer there are a few things that you should do. For starters, you should back up your information. After that, you should wipe your computer’s hard drive. Erasing any files, software and programs that were not pre-installed. You can do this by using your device's factory reset. By doing this you remove all your sensitive personal information. You can even take out your computer's hard drive and destroy it. This will guarantee that your data is safe.


After you have done all this you can proceed with disposing of your old device. Another thing you may want to find out is where you got your device from.

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How do I dispose of my computer?

Your computer should not be disposed of in your waste bin and instead should be recycled. Not only does it benefit the environment to recycle your computer. It also goes against UK councils to put computers into your wheelie bin. This is because of the dangerous materials that go into making a computer.


You can always take your old device to your nearest recycling centre or tip to see if they can dispose of it. You can also go to the retailer that you purchased your device from. They are legally required to help you dispose of it. Currys has a 'cash for trash' scheme that is paying people to hand in old tech so that it can be recycled. This makes disposing of your tech easy and rewarding. You can also donate your old tech equipment to charities.

Where can I dispose of my computer?

There are many places in and around York that you can go to or contact to dispose of your old computers. Aside from recycling centres, there are electronic retailers that you can go to. York Recycling Service offers a computer recycling service. Meaning that if you can't or don't want to dispose of your tech yourself, then we can do it for you. If you wish to get in touch and book our computer recycling service, click here.


If you wish to trade in your old tech for cash then you can take it to Currys. You can find a Currys at Clifton Moor Retail Park. And if you wish to take your old device to a tip then you can find a list of recycling centres here.

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In conclusion, in this article, we have discussed what you should do before you get rid of your old computer. We discussed how to dispose of your old computer. And we have discussed where you can go to dispose of your computer. By using York Recycling Service, you can stay at home, whilst we come to you to collect your waste. This way you can save time. We aim to recycle between 97% and 99% of all the waste that we collect. Also, if you have any other waste beside your electrical waste then feel free to contact us for that too.


You can see our prices and book online here.

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