Fly-tipping Campaign in the York Area

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The Ryedale Council will launch the 'Your Waste, Your Responsibility' campaign. This will take place over the weekend of May 21st - 22nd. It is the individual's responsibility to make sure their waste is disposed of correctly. By not doing so you can face a fixed penalty notice or in some cases prosecution, leading to an unlimited fine. Those who hire a private waste company need to ensure that the company has a waste carrier's licence. The carriers must register with the environment and dispose of waste legally.

The Council has seen an increase in fly-tips such as garden and household waste. In 2021 there were 255 instances of fly-tipping in Ryedale which is an increase of 20% from the previous year. A waste collection service by the council includes; furniture, fridge, freezer removal etc. 

Why does York Fly-tipping happen?

The most common cause of fly-tipping is 'waste carriers' undercharging for the service. When you ask for a quote on a place such as social media, you can receive unrealistic prices. Meaning that there is not enough money in a job to pay for legal and ethical disposal.

A common misconception is that waste disposal at local recycling centres is free. The truth is that waste disposal has costs which the carriers are responsible for paying. Waste such as mattresses and fridges have further charges. They are some of the more often fly-tipped items. Leaving the customer responsible for the fly-tipped waste.


How do you avoid becoming a victim of fly-tipping?

Waste Carrier's Licence

You should always make sure that the person taking your waste has a valid waste carriers licence. There have been incidents where people with a WCL have fly-tipped.

Be realistic about the Price

You should be aware that waste disposal charges on a weight and volume basis. Further costs included for items that need special care when recycling. Add in business costs, the running of a van, staff etc. If the price that you have received is too good to be true it is. Meaning that it is more than likely that your waste will be fly-tipped.

Waste Transfer Note

A waste transfer note is a document that proves legal waste disposal. Tell the waste carrier that you wish to receive one as it is proof your waste was disposed of correctly.

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Who can I trust to remove my waste?

You can get an instant quote and book online with our York recycling team 24/7. We guarantee legal and ethical disposal and provide all the paperwork to prove it. We will collect your waste from inside or outside of your property, so you don’t need to lift a finger. Book now and we will be with you within 24 to 48 hours.

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How can I report Fly-tipping in York?

It is best to not approach anyone in the act of fly-tipping. It is important to remember these people are committing a crime, and may not like being disturbed. There have been incidents where people have been assaulted when approaching fly-tippers.

Click here to report York fly-tipping.

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