The Big Bike Exchange York

The Big Bike Exchange York.

The Big Bike Exchange York

The Big Bike Exchange York

The Big Bike Exchange York

The big bike exchange York. Obviously we're all living though unprecedented times. I thought I would put this page together. As I've had an enormous amount of phone calls asking if we sell bikes. However we do not sell bikes and they usually go to a charity however that charity is now closed.

We collect roughly between 50/60 pushbikes a week some need repairing some do not. And simply need a bit of air in the tires.

Right now would be a great time to pass those unwanted pushbikes on to people that are literally losing their mind. Due to the lockdown period. I have received many phone calls asking if we have any for sale unfortunately. We do not sell them as they go to a charity.

So what I thought I would do in the meantime. There is many extremely bored people out there at the moment. And a bicycle ride is a great way to burn off the excess energy. Whilst doing our best to keep our sanity in the lock down period. For people to donate push bikes to one another in these troubling times. As we are all very poor at the minute and out of pocket. That would be a good time to pass on those pushbikes you no longer use to somebody that can put them in great use.

This is a new experiment that I have done on this website. So I hope it works and for everyone and can communicate with one another. We're going to get through this.

If there is anybody out there that is familiar with blogging please do get in contact and maybe you could help improve what I am trying to do as this is a first for ourselves.

  • So please subscribe/register to the website on the left.
  • Then return to this page donate a bike.
  • That will be pinned at the top of the News Blog on the menu bar.
  • Please scroll down on the donate a bike blog page.
  • Once registered and logged in you are able to upload images.
  • I wouldn't put any personal details on there maybe just simply an email address.
  • Then discuss with the person that is interested in the bike you want to donate to them via email till you seen their warrant the pushbike.
  • Arrange a collection point.
  • We are all going through a depressing time and I would appreciate that people who are genuine visit here.
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